Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thing 3: My Friend Flickr

Hello All,

Queen B here. Flickr is not unfamiliar to me. Colleagues that had babies, artists sharing their journals and decorators showing off their work have kept me occupied for hours. I didn't know libraries that photostreams on Flickr until I read the assignment for thing 3. I set up a photostream for the library I work at called Queen B.'s ArcHIVE. Since the school year has ended, I don't have many pictures, but come back to the arcHIVE in September after school has started. I will definitely add more.

Also, while exploring Flickr I found this photo of books organized by color. Chotda, the screen name of the photostream's creator, said the shelves contains books collected over a decade. Maybe some libraries ordered books like this before Dewey came along. It's visually stunning. Enjoy. Until next time, keep buzzing.

Queen B.


  1. Yes, it is visually stunning, but wouldn't it be hard to find the one you want?

    I'm a school librarian as well. I'll look forward to seeing you progress through your 23 things.

  2. I was bored and I now have my books arranged by color. I know most of my books, so they aren't hard to find. Then again, I don't have as many as the one in the picture. I'll put it up on Flickr, but I don't have a camera with a USB cord right now.