Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thing 15: Can You Digg It?

Hello Readers,

Today's entry is a nugget called Digg. Again it's power to the people- you decide what is the popular "news" of the day. Funny and unusual tombstones, Acer overtaking the rest of the computer competition and the passing of Oxy Clean/ Infomercial King Bill Mays took were the popular "diggs" during my time of exploration.

Again, these last few things have my mind on information overload. Is there such thing as too much access? Too much information? Right On! That's why as librarians we can help our users sift through all of this info. It also helps to see where our users get all of this info. I'm taking a break for now, before I dig myself into a hole I cannot escape from. It may be time for a information fast/ news fast. Keep reading, but it won't hurt to take a break. Stay cool.

Queen B.

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