Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thing 19: What's Up Google Docs?

Hello Readers,

The concept of Google Docs document sharing isn't new to me. Our school district had started something similar a few years back, but I didn't really utilize it much. I have a flash drive, so I didn't need to store a document there if I wasn't on my workstation. Now I don't see Google Doc as useless, it can serve a purpose if you want to share and collaborate to create and edit documents with others who don't have access to your documents. It can also be useful if you can't find your flash drive (they are getting smaller and smaller these days). If I wanted to create or to share a document, spreadsheet with another librarian in another district or with a children/youth librarian in a public library, etc. such collaboration is possible. The service can also be seen as a backup of sorts (but you should still use a backup hard drive).

I also explored the Google Docs Blog. The webmasters really listen to their users and they are determined to find ways to make using their service more accessible and user-friendly. For instance, users can now share templates for documents and presentations. They read users wanted tables- their wish is Google Docs' command. It's good that users' input is viewed as valuable because their are many services that don't listen as well as they should. I don't see this tool on a regular basis, but I'm glad it's there to use- just in case. Until then, keep reading.

Queen B

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